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Special offers & packages

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Conferences & Events

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Treat yourself to a shopping weekend for you and your best friend. Relax and escape the stresses of everyday life. Shop at the many small boutiques and larger shopping malls in the city, drink a coffee in the small street cafés in the old town or in the park on the river Ilm and visit the museums in the city of Weimar. Let the small or big worries behind you to experience all the wonderful things with your best friend, who come too short otherwise.

Treat yourself and your partner to some time out. Enjoy relaxing moments in Weimar. Let the small or big worries behind you, to do all the wonderful things that come too short otherwise. Book our arrangement time together, because Weimar is worth visiting all year aroung.

Stay with your family in our Comfort Hotel Weimar and discover the classical city from the perspective of the children. Experience the history of the city of Weimar in the numerous museums (not included in the price, children under 16 are admitted free) or take a city tour with the legendary Belvedere Express (not included).

For your short trip to Weimar we offer 2 nights at a special price at our Comfort Hotel Weimar:

Use your Weimar Card during 48 hours of sightseeing in Weimar.

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